We're two brothers who realized that being very different from one another is actually an asset. So we laid down our guns and joined forces to create a self-sufficient music production co.




We are a songwriter, an indie rocker, a mixer, a major label pop artist, a multi-instrumentalist, a certified engineer, and an industry consultant, all under one roof.


Meet the family:


Hunter is the organized, responsible elder sibling, so naturally he's in charge of: 


  • unleashing next-gen content interfaces 

  • e-enabling hyper-scalable experiences

  • optimizing viral schematics and, of course,

  • orchestrating out-of-the-box client solutions



drew is the young, wild stallion of the duo. His strengths include:


  • evolving cloud-centric marketing architectures

  • incentivizing interactive rebranding

  • monetizing cross-market synergy dynamics, and critically,

  • orchestrating out-of-the-box client solutions


A Family Business EST.